Looking for Smart Solutions to Whole Home Surge Protection Near Hampstead, NH?

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the best and least expensive ways to provide an early warning to fires is with a properly installed and maintained interconnected smoke alarm system. By alerting residents early to fire hazards, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors save lives, prevent injuries and help to minimize property damage.

Generator InterLock Kit

Generator Interlock kits are relatively new products that allow for the safe and convenient connection of a portable generator to your homes electrical system. They are a simple and affordable solution for transferring power to a portable generator during power outages. These interlocks are connected to your main service panel, which provides a safe mechanical interlock between the utility main breaker and a newly installed generator breaker.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Maverick Electric is proud to announce it’s recent partnership with surgeassure™, a division of Advanced Protection Technologies (APT). APT’s line of surge protection devices have long been a standard for surge protection in both commercial and industrial settings. With it’s latest surgeassure™ line of products, this same level of superior protection through proven technology and rugged components is now being made available in residential environments. Through it’s proven three zone protection concept, a professionally installed surgeassure™ line of products can help to ensure your valuable equipment will last, without your lifestyle being interrupted. Please read on for more information about power surges, surge protection, and the proven three zone protection concept utilized by the surgeassure™ system.

Power-Save 1200

With todays ever increasing energy costs, anyone who owns a home and pays an electric utility bill should also own a Power-Save 1200 energy saver. Installed quickly and neatly by Maverick Electric next to your current electrical breaker panel, the Power-Save 1200 can start saving you money as soon as it’s turned on. Installation of the Power-Save also protects your entire home from electrical power surges.

AuroRa by Lutron

A new product from Lutron Electronics, AuroRa is a pre-programmed, wireless, radio frequency lighting control system. AuroRa simplifies life by providing remote control of lighting in and around your home.