Need a Local Expert for Appliance Circuit Connections Near Hampstead, NH?

As part of our extensive electrical expertise, Maverick Electric proudly offers installation and hookup services for household and specialty appliances. We can handle a wide range of electrical appliances found throughout the average home or business, including televisions and speaker systems, refrigerators and stoves, washers and dryers, ceiling fans, indoor and outdoor lighting, hardwiring, and much more.

We can also provide tips for energy efficiency and surge protection solutions if your are concerned about transient voltages that can enter your home from utility connections on our street.

Trust Maverick

No Problem is Too Large or Small

Having an effective and reliable electrical power source is essential to running your household or commercial appliances, and if you’re experiencing problems with either, Maverick Electric is ready to provide swift and professional service. We’ve already helped many customers resolve their appliance needs across Merrmack Valley and beyond.

We can also provide you with appliance recommendations and comparisons if you are considering buying new equipment.